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Click ‘Vendors’ to view a list of the retailers in violation, whether they are authorized or not, and their contact information.

You can edit vendor details, view all of their historical violations, listings, and communications (email). You can also export data using ‘Bulk Actions.’

Vendor Merge Guide

In this example, the Vendor name will be Active Sports Inc. Already set up under this Vendor are the two sellers: “DJ’s” and “Dj’s Boardshop” (see below). I want to add “”, “djsboardshop” and “eBay – djsboardshop” to also be sellers under this Vendor name.

Example 1

If I make the Vendor Merge CSV like the below, the file will fail to upload, as “” is not an existing vendor or seller in the application. You cannot add new sellers in the vender merge upload at this moment.

Example 2

In this new file below, I am trying to add “Dj’s Boardshop”, “djsboardshop” and “eBay – djsboardshop”. This file will also fail to upload, as “Dj’s Boardshop” is already a seller under “Active Sports Inc”.

Example 3

In the below Vendor Merge file, I am going to add “djsboardshop” and “eBay – djsboardshop”. This file will succeed! All sellers exist, and they don’t already belong to the Vendor “Active Sports Inc.”

Additional Items to Note:

Each seller must be separated with two bars: “||” (Note: This is not a capital “i”). Spellings of the sellers and vendors must be exact.

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