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Pricing - Setting Up Your Store
Pricing - Setting Up Your Store

Wiser Settings, Competitor Management, Competitor Filter, Repricing Rules

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To access the settings of each individual store, navigate to the gearbox in the upper right-hand corner of your primary Wiseboard screen:

Store Information

This section is primarily for reference information. It outlines your store's essential information, such as Name, Currency, and Timezone:

Competitor Management

In this section, you can manage which competitors you wish to include or exclude from your extracted sellers profile:

By Toggling between All/Enabled/Disabled, you can view the list of extracted competitors here:

Here, you can view Enabled and Disabled competitors distinctly. By toggling the blue button to the left the competitor name, you can Disable/Enable them. By disabling a competitor, this means that that competitor will not show up in the Wiseboard and as such, will not be included in the price recommendations.

Competitor Filtering

Since individually disabling competitors from a marketplace (such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.) may be cumbersome and time-consuming, we've developed a method to disable competitors on a website/marketplace that allows you to bulk disable competitors that fall within certain criteria:

In the above example, you can see a rule has been created to disable all sellers except a few specific names (like themselves). For Amazon specifically, we can also disable competitors below a certain Positive feedback % threshold, in this case, 88%. This may be a helpful tool for you if you are interested in particular sellers on, and want to ignore the rest.

Another example as shown below is a more complex filter:

This filter is showing that you can disable ALL Walmart sellers, with the additional caveats:

  • except for certain sellers you select manually

  • except certain competitor names which contain ' '

  • below a Positive feedback % threshold

  • below a Feedback score threshold

In this way, you can quickly disable hundreds or even thousands of individual sellers across marketplaces without clicking through all of them. In addition, you can quickly disable all marketplace EXCEPT for important ones (such as or themselves, who you may still want to extract and compete with).

Repricing Rules

Please view the dedicated Repricing Rules section here:

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