Widget Filters

You can clear filters at the dashboard or widget level. For widget level, any filtered ones will have a greyed-out “Clear Selection” button at the top. Click that button to remove the filter from that specific widget. All other filters will remain.

Below are the types of widget filters available:


With bar widgets, you can “lasso” to filter on multiple answers at once. Highlight the bars in a specific widget you want to filter. Let go of the mouse, and then choose “Select” when the prompt appears. The dashboard will now filter to responses that selected any/either of your highlighted responses.

Line Charts/Trends Widget

With line chart widgets you will see multiple metrics displayed. Hover over a specific metric on the chart’s legend to feature the line for you. Click on the metric to remove it entirely from view. Click it again to get the view back.

Heat Map Widget

With heat map widgets you can visualize how specific regions, districts, store groups, and more are performing relative to each other based on select metrics. The color gradient shows how the partner is performing compared to the others. Hover over each box to see the percent and count of stores for each metric.

Histogram Widget

The histogram helps visualize the distribution of a certain metric. For example, you can see the distribution of average price for a specific product. You could also see the distribution of stores based on a compliance metric like display compliance, pricing compliance, or more.

Drill Into Widget

The Drill Into feature allows you to drill into a specific region, district, etc. by right-clicking on a bar or pie slice and selecting “Drill Into.” Then, click your hierarchical selection. The widget will now break into different regions or districts to show you how they compare to each other.

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