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Pricing - How to Upload Your Catalog
Pricing - How to Upload Your Catalog
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The easiest way to make sure your products get uploaded properly is to download a sample file in the Wiseboard by clicking the blue Import Products button and retrieving a sample CSV:

The mandatory fields vary between marketplace types.

Here we go over all fields in the CSV template:

  • Product Name: The title of the product

  • Inventory Number: The SKU (this is the unique identifier in our system so typically this is your internal SKU number)

  • IN STOCK: How many items are in stock, often referred to as 'Available'

  • UPC/EAN: The UPC / EAN (ISBN and GTIN are acceptable)

  • ASIN: The ASIN or ISBN 10 (for books on Amazon) - this is specific for Amazon

  • Brand: Brand / Manufacturer

  • Model: Item's model #

  • MPN: The Item's Manufacturer Part Number

  • Product Price: The current price on your store

  • Minimum Price: The lowest price you are willing to sell this item

  • Maximum Price: The highest price you are willing to sell this item (this is to prevent one competitor driving all prices up)

  • Cost: Your cost. This is useful for margin calculation, and to apply certain price guards

  • Shipping Price: This is the amount you charge for shipping (not your cost).

  • Product URL: The URL for the item on your website

  • Image URL: A link to a thumbnail image of the product. For visual purposes in the Wiseboard.

  • Labels: Labels are the most useful field for large catalogs. Here you can group items and make filters using this field. An example for a 'Labels' value could be: "Accessories, Supplier A, Top-Seller, Season: Winter"

  • MSRP: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (not typically necessary)

  • Unit Count: How many units you have (not typically necessary)

  • Condition: The condition of the item, i.e. ‘New’, ‘Used’, or ‘Refurbished’. Only necessary if you carry used items, otherwise ignore. (not typically necessary)

  • ePid: eBay Product ID - when available (for example eBay Motor)

  • Category: Category that the SKU falls in. This is also helpful when creating filters for pricing rules and analyses.

Mandatory fields for a non-integrated store:

  • Product Name

  • Inventory Number/SKU

  • Product Price

  • ‘Minimum Price’ or ‘Cost’

  • ‘UPC/EAN’ or ‘Brand + MPN’ or ‘Brand+Model’ (the more the better)

  • ASIN if your contract includes Amazon domain

Mandatory fields for an Amazon store:

  • Product Name

  • Inventory Number / SKU

  • Product Price

  • ‘Minimum Price’ or ‘Cost’

  • ASIN

Mandatory fields for an eBay store:

  • Product Name

  • Inventory Number / SKU

  • Product Price

  • ‘Minimum Price’ or ‘Cost’

  • ‘UPC/EAN’ or ‘Brand + MPN’ or ‘Brand+Model’ (the more the better)

Troubleshooting CSV Uploads:

The Google Chrome browser tends to work best when uploading CSV's. Please keep in mind that clearing your cache can also be a good place to troubleshoot.

If you are unable to import a CSV into the Wiseboard, please perform the following checks in the file:

  1. Save the file in CSV-UTF-8 format.

  2. All Price columns are Currency, 2 decimals, no symbol.

  3. All numerical columns (UPC, Inventory Number/SKU, MPN, ASIN, Model, etc…) are formatted correctly. No scientific notations.

  4. There is no period (.) in a column name.

  5. There are no special characters or non UTF-8 characters in the file (open the file in the text editor to confirm this step since Excel doesn’t show any special characters or non UTF-8 characters).

  6. Verify quotes in product name/description and make sure to escape those characters using a backslash (\). If escaping is not possible, just remove the double quotes from the file using find and replace.

  7. Check to ensure there is no additional information in the file with no column name.

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