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In-Store - Dashboard Overview
In-Store - Dashboard Overview

Exporting, Widgets, Maps, and the Photo Gallery

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Wiser's In-Store App provides users with dashboards conveniently structured to supply comprehensive, real-time insights around store performance and shopper sentiment.

Dashboards begin with a broad level of campaign information to brief the user on the characteristics of the Mission, and move into more detailed, customizable data as you scroll down the dashboard.

Campaign Description

The campaign description states the goal of the Mission, providing clarity to ensure that all members of your organization are familiar with the mission's intent. The campaign description mirrors the goal statement in your Mission Draft.

Missions Completed

The mission count provides a real-time update of how many survey results have been collected in the selected time period. The number at the bottom represents the total number of unique stores where results were collected.

Mission vs. Store Numbers

  • If the campaign has one result per store, the Mission and store numbers will match.

  • If the campaign includes many results per store, the Mission and store numbers will be different. The store number captures the number of unique stores that have been visited.

Export Raw Data

The Export Raw Data button exports the data used to create the dashboard to a CSV file, providing the user endless possibilities when it comes to analysis and manipulation. See our detailed article on exporting for more information on the different types of exports possible.

Date Filter

The Date Filter allows you to modify the time frame of results you are viewing. Filter your data by month, year, or period to best fit your analysis.

You can provide a start and end date, or choose whether you would like to see the current month/year. The default setting is “All Time” so you must be sure to click the "Clear Filter" button at the top of the dashboard after using the date filter in order to see all of your results again.

A Dropdown Filter can be added to filter your results by retailer, region, district, mission type, and other categories that may be applicable to your account. The filters can be used to select one or many options, and the dashboard will refresh following your selection. See our detailed article on filtering to learn more about the different types of filtering possible for your dashboard.

Filters can be cleared from the dashboard to return you to your default view by selecting the "Clear Filters" button at the top of the dashboard. This will clear all filters previously applied.


Dashboards can feature a map showing survey coverage, which can be useful into segment by categories such as geography, retailer, or compliance. Pins on the map represent a store location where a Mission has been completed.

The color wheel at the top right hand corner of the map will allow you to customize how the pins appear on the map. Hover over the color wheel to see what options are available for your campaign.

Select any pin to show the retailer name, address, and a time-stamped list of the Missions completed at that location. From there, you can select an individual Mission Store Report which will allow you to download that particular survey result as a PDF (see below).

* If the mission is recurring and there have been multiple audits done at one location over time, you’ll see all previous results bulleted per location.

Mission Store Report

Mission Store Reports can be found at each pin location on the map. Clicking on the individual Mission time-stamp at a store location, you can download the survey results collected in that particular mission. The report includes the location the Mission was completed, all of the questions asked, and the respective answers from the user. It also includes any photos taken for the Mission.

Mission Store Reports conveniently allow you to send an account of what is going on in-store to anyone inside or outside of your organization. Dashboard access is not required, expanding the potential to share your acquired information. Reports are helpful when speaking with channel partners about compliance issues or to use as examples of successful stores.

Issues Feed (optional)

If issues have been identified with your Project Manager before a Mission launch and it has been decided that an Issues Feed is the best reporting method, it will be featured on the right side of the dashboard. The feed shows each store that triggered a compliance issue along with its supporting image. It displays the store name, location, and a time-stamp. You can download the Mission Store Report for any issue by selecting “View Mission Response.”

*Any store with multiple issues will be represented by separate boxes in the Issues Feed.

The Photo Carousel provides users quick access to a visual representation of store conditions. It displays photos that are captured by the user in response to specific Mission questions. You can click on any photo in the carousel to enlarge it.

Enlarging the photo provides detailed store information and the date/time the photo was taken. You also have the option to download the photo or the entire Mission Store Report.

You can use your keyboard to toggle left or right or click the arrows on the dashboard. From the Photo Carousel, you can click "View in Photo Gallery" to be brought to the image in the larger App Photo Gallery.

The Photo Gallery contains a more in-depth view of the photos collected during Missions. If you have multiple campaigns, photos from all campaigns will be collected here. You can sort through the Photo Gallery by date, retailer, photo label, and campaign. Store information, date, and time are provided for all items in the gallery.

You have the option to export up to 250 images at a time from the Photo Gallery into a zip file. The zip file will contain your collection of images with intuitive names, allowing for easy review in the future.

Dashboard Components

Wiser's In-Store App uses a variety of data visualization widgets to provide a personalized, at-a-glance view of key performance metrics.

Widgets come in a variety of styles including pie charts, bar/line graphs, tables, heat maps, and more depending on the goals of the Mission. Each widget visual corresponds to a question(s) from the Mission, aggregating applicable results. Hovering over any section in any widget will allow you to see the percentage and number of responses that answered the same.


Scorecards are concise, visual reports in PDF form that benchmark in-store performers against one another. You can decide which partners to measure, including retailers, distributors, store locations, and more. Wiser will then collect the data and create the Scorecard for your review.

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