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Raw Data, Dashboard, and Widget Exports

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There are many different formats in which a user can extract the data that Wiser has collected during a retail audit. Below you will find specifications around the different types of data exports possible.

Raw Data Export

A raw data export provides the user with all results that have been collected as part of the Mission, enabling them with endless possibilities in terms of data manipulation and analysis beyond the scope that Wiser provides.

Clicking the "Export Raw Data" button on the dashboard provides a CSV file of the mission results with their date, time, retailer, store number, address, etc


Following the basic Mission information, each column in the file represents the individual question/answers that were answered during the audit, and the rows represent each unique survey case.

Photo links are also included in the file, allowing anyone with access to the file (even if its send as an attachment!) to also have access to the photos taken as part of the Mission.

Dashboard Export

The entire dashboard can also be downloaded as a PDF, including all campaign information and data visuals. This can be beneficial for distribution of company insights internally without requiring a large amount of users to be onboarded to the Customer App.

Clicking the "Export PDF" button brings you to a page allowing you to customize your export settings. You can adjust the paper size/orientation and other specifications of the report.

Clicking the middle button indicated below will download the report to your computer.

Widget Exports

Exporting a widget allows you to separate and share a more specific insight from the overall Mission. This could range from a list of results for a specific open-text mission question to a visual that you may want to use for an upcoming presentation. For example, if you had a survey gauging display compliance, you could filter your dashboard and export a list of non-compliant store details.

To export any widget, select the ellipses in the right-hand corner. You have the option to download the visual as an image (PNG) or the data source as a CSV file.

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