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Strategy Builder - Selecting SKUs
Strategy Builder - Selecting SKUs

How to select SKUs to apply pricing strategies

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Selecting a target segment is the first step in crafting a meaningful strategy. But what is a target segment?

In the following few steps, you will learn how to create the filters that specify which products could receive a recommendation based on this strategy. Ultimately this becomes your target segment.

Step 1: Choose SKUs for this Strategy

This step allows you to choose the SKUs that you want to be priced by this strategy.

Add a Condition
: Filter SKUs in and out of this strategy with the “Add Condition” button. Here, you will be prompted to add a condition or attribute. Basically, if you have data, you can filter by it. You can use any product attribute – either from Wiseboard (from a user upload or a standard attribute) or from extraction data, if applicable to your particular store.

Common standard attributes include brand, category, and label. Whatever attribute the filter for your particular complex strategy requires, including your custom attributes, you will find it here.

NOTE: if you do not add a condition into this window, this strategy will target all SKUs in your catalog:

Set Up a Filter
: Choose which SKU attribute to filter by from the dropdown. You can filter by every attribute in Wiseboard or from your ingestion file.

Complete Condition: 
Select an attribute and an associated operator and value to create a complete condition.

Adding More Conditions: 
If you’d like to add more specificity to your strategy, press the plus button to add more conditions.

Multiple Conditions: 
Your strategy can have as many conditions as you’d like target specific Brands, Price ranges, and more based on your product attributes.

And/Or Conditions: 
If you want your conditions to be to combined, use “AND”. If you want your conditions to be mutually exclusive, use “OR”. You can only choose one joiner and cannot mix AND’s and OR’s.

Remove Conditions: 
To remove a condition, press the trash can button next to the condition you want to remove.

The selection choices are limitless. Once you have completed all entry fields in this step, you have created a target segment.

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