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Strategy Builder - Live Preview
Strategy Builder - Live Preview
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Live Preview: Always check your work!

Now that you have created a strategy in the Strategy Builder, it is time to review the results of those in Steps 1- 3 in Live Preview.

Live Preview is a partner function to the Strategy Builder and is purposely located on the right side of the split screen. It is important to see both functions at the same time so you can “check as you go”. The Strategy Builder and Live Preview work jointly to support your ability to create an essential strategy for your segment and then confirm that it is correct before widespread impact. In fact, you may run Live Preview several times as you are crafting a strategy from scratch.

So, what can you do in Live Preview?

First, Live Preview will allow you to confirm your Data points. You can see every data point important to this strategy by scrolling right on the Live Preview table. Live Preview will also highlight errors impacting your data, and since you are still in the draft of the strategy, you can quickly go back to the Strategy Builder to address them directly. Error detection is critically important. You want to be able to catch a mistake, or to flag something inconsistent with behavior.

Next, Hovering over the item name in the product column will give you a Price Journey.

  • Live Preview provides the price journey for every SKU within this strategy.

  • Hovering over Recommend Price will give you a calculation of your Current Margin

  • The Price Journey represents every decision in steps 1 – 3 in the strategy builder, showing the entire journey of a calculation and how it ended up as it did.

  • The Price Journey shows what the recommendation is and how it was calculated – and the reasoning behind recommending a price.

  • And the Price Journey will tell the story in the context of the bounds you have set. Essentially, it’s an aggregation of all the calculation data.

Finally, Live Preview has states.

When you first enter the Strategy Builder to create a new strategy, the Live Preview prompt will be blue and state “Refresh Live Preview.”

As soon as a change is made, you can run Live Preview, load the data results and the status of the button will read “Preview is Current” and it will be green.

If you make a change to the strategy, then all the data results currently viewing on Live Preview will be greyed out because they are no longer correct, and the status on the button will be orange and read “Refresh Live Preview”.

Live Preview is an important tool for a strategy as you are building it. Mistakes and mistypes happen! Live Preview is here to help you make sure those mistakes don’t get activated.

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