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Strategy Builder - Simulation Mode
Strategy Builder - Simulation Mode
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Simulation Mode: Build Your Recipe

Your strategies live within a strategy list on the pricing tab of the Wiseboard. If you have created more than one strategy, then you are going to want to see how these strategies interact with each other. You can do that safely within Simulation Mode.

Simulation Mode allows you to place your strategies in any order or preference and test your “recipes”. Your individual strategies are the ingredients, but how you place them, activate, or deactivate them ultimately becomes your recipe. Press 'Run Simulation' to view how your strategies would be calculated:

It takes all strategies on the strategy list into account.

Simulation mode was built to test strategies to their limits. What you activate and deactivate while in Simulation mode, is not permanent. Rather it provides you a chance for A/B testing. You can activate and deactivate strategies in simulation mode just to see how well they work together.

Verify with a CSV file

Once you have organized your strategies the way you want them, you can run your simulation. The system will send you a CSV file for download with the results of your recipe. The email will include the strategies listed in the simulation and the order in which they appeared with date and time. The file will be titled with the following information condensed together:

Store name/simulation/todays’date and time.

Time will be shown UTC time as Hour/minute/seconds. If you run multiple simulations, making changes along the way, all of this information will help you understand which file and which output is the latest and greatest.

The attached output file will show you 3 things:

1. The SKU number

2. The Price

3. The strategy responsible for recommending that price

Simulation is yet another powerful method to check your work before it impacts your store. Be sure to give it a try!

Simply press 'Exit Simulation Mode' to end your A/B Testing and begin applying active Strategies in real time!

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