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Pricing Optimization: Navigation & Layout
Pricing Optimization: Navigation & Layout
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Strategies Table

A tabular view of all Strategies available within the Store. Strategies are listed in the order in which they will be evaluated by the Price Recommendation Engine. It is the interface for configuring Strategy Priority and toggling the Mode of Strategies between Active and Inactive, and also provides a tool for duplicating existing strategies.

Last Updates

A view summarizing the Price Recommendations made by the Strategy

  • Each statistic can be clicked to filter the Wiseboard scope to those Products with the described Price Recommendations

Strategy Menu

A drop-down menu of actions available on every Strategy in the Strategies Table


  • Edit Strategy

  • Delete Strategy

  • Duplicate Strategy

  • Move to Top (Strategy Priority to 1)

  • Move to Bottom (Strategy Priority to Max)

  • Move Down (Increase Strategy Priority by 1)

  • Move Up (Decrease Strategy Priortiy by 1)

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