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Navigate to 'Products' in the main navigation.

Importing / Exporting data

Import data by hovering over 'Bulk Actions' and selecting 'Download template for Products'. Once the template is filled out, hover over 'Bulk Actions' again and select 'Import Products' to upload the CSV and map your fields.

Export data by hovering over ‘Bulk Actions’ and selecting ‘Export All Products’ or select the products you want first if you would only like to export a subset of the data.

Alternatively, if you want to export all the raw data for a time period, click on the ‘Export’ page, select the dates and download violations of listings in .csv format.

Customizing the Products view

Click on the gear icon to customize which columns you would like to show in the Products view, select the date range, and download the violations or listings you would like to view in .csv format.

Product Details

Click the ‘Detail’ link to manage product details by SKU without a full file upload.

Click ‘Violations’ to view all the violations for that particular product.

Click the gear icon to customize which columns to display in this view.

Adjust your filters by Violation Status and Date Range.

Click ‘Detail’ to view a screenshot of the violation and add notes about the violation.

Click ‘Preview’ to view the live product page on the retailer’s actual website.

Click ‘Listings’ to view all the listings for that particular product, including screenshots and a link to the live product page.

Click ‘Violating Vendors for This Product’ to view a list of the retailers in violation, whether they are authorized or not, and their contact information.

You can edit vendor details, view all of their historical violations, listings, and communications (email).

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