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Inspector: A Single View of SKU Health

With such complexity that is possible in strategy building, you and your team need tools at your fingertips for checks and balances, to verify changes to your current price and to catch any mistakes before they cost you. The Inspector is another feature that is critical in this capacity, in addition to Live Preview and Simulation, to be there when you need it and to prevent a pricing catastrophe. 

The Inspector can be accessed on the Wiseboard by clicking on the magnifying glass in the New Price column:

Expanding this window will provide the details surrounding the most recent price recommendation for a specific SKU such as:

  • What strategy is impacting this SKU and what were the settings at the time I implemented it?

  • Are there any errors impacting the calculation of this Current Price that I need to act on?

  • What price bounds constrained my price?

  • What product attributes are impacting this price within this strategy?

  • When was the last recommendation made for this SKU?

Information is broken down into three sections for your ease of reference. Information found will depend on the types of data utilized to create the strategy impacting this SKU.

1. The Current Price section will contain information such as your current price, and why/when was it assigned.

2. The Priced By section will contain reference information such as the specific rule, price bounds and/ or competitors matched that impacted this SKU.

3. The Price Factors section will contain details such as attributes, min/max price and number of competitors that were considered.

In summary, the Inspector enables Price Optimization you to troubleshoot questions you might have for the audit history of a SKU independently, without having to reach out to the support team. And most importantly, the tool gives you the information you need to understand “How did I get this price?”

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