Add, Edit, and Deactivate Users
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Add User

On the Wiser website:

  1. Click on Users from the Menu on the left

  2. Click New User

  3. Enter the User information including name, username, and phone #. Note that the username/email must be populated with a valid email address.

  4. Select the user role.

  5. Click Save

    1. If the email address is invalid, inactive, or already in Wiser then the form will get stuck on "Saving..." (you will see the wheel keep spinning then an error message will appear)

  6. Once users are created, ensure they are configured properly for the following:


  1. As soon as you save a new user a welcome email will be sent to the email address you entered for the username. The welcome email will have a link to reset their password, activate the account, and download the app.

  2. Once users are created you may need to add them to teams, or set them up with reports.

Edit User

Admins can edit User's name, email, phone number, access levels, and status by doing the following:

  1. Click on Users from the Menu

  2. Scroll or search for the user you want and click Edit

  3. Make desires edits and click Save

Deactivate User

Deactivating a user completely disables the user from accessing or completing any work on Wiser as well as removes them from all group reports. Note you may need to delete any individual reports they are involved in. All historic data associated to that user will still be accessible and active in the Wiser platform. To deactivate a user:

  1. Click on Users from the Menu

  2. Scroll or search for the user you want and check the box next to their name

  3. Select Actions from the top right then select Deactivate

If you want to deactivate multiple users:

  1. On the Users page select all the users you want to deactivate

  2. Click Actions > Deactivate

Note: As of right now Wiser does not allow for deleting a user.

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