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With Wiser Leaderboards, you can now set goals by user and track your teams’ progress to completion. If Leaderboards are not available in your account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Step 1: Configure Leaderboard Goals

From the "Leaderboard Goals" tab:

  • Select “New” to configure a new set of goals

  • Start by entering a name for the Leaderboard

  • Set the date range depending on your use case

Add Goals

  • Start by naming the goal/metric

  • Select which form you are pulling the information from or the "Source"

  • Then select the question you’d like to use, or you can choose to count the total amount of submissions to a form

  • If you are using a multiple-choice question as a source you can select desired responses

Define Period Goal Values Per User

Per-user goals can be entered manually on Wiser by typing numbers in the corresponding fields, or through Excel using our import/export feature.

note: if a user doesn't have goals defined within Leaderboard goals then they will not appear on the Leaderboard report. If a user should not populate on the Leaderboard, then leave their goals blank.

Once your per-user goals are set hit Save in the top right to save your progress, once they're saved you can use the Actions button to Edit, Duplicate, or delete the Leaderboard Goals setup.

Step 2: Create a Leaderboard Report

Once goals have been configured within the Leaderboard Goals tab, you can create and view the Leaderboard within the “Reports” tab.

To create a new Leaderboard Report:

  • Select “Create Report”, Then choose “Leaderboards” from the top menu

  • Select which set of Leaderboard Goals you’d like the report to pull from, then hit begin

  • Configure Report Settings using the guide below

Here is a definition of each report setting:

  • Report Title: Name this report. The name entered here is what users see when viewing the report.

  • Leaderboard: Choose which set of Leaderboard goals to base the report off of.

  • Filters: Select how the goals are rolled up (by user or by team) and then select which users or teams to include. The most common filter would be Users - selecting all users will still only show the users who have goals entered within the Leaderboard Goals tab.

  • View By: Set the default Leaderboard view. The most common view is by Users. The view can be changed within the report on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Date Range: Determine the default Leaderboard date range. The most common date range is All Results which will display the entire time frame outlined within the Leaderboard Goals tab. The date range can be changed within the report on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Shared with Report Creator and: Tell the system who can access this report within Wiser. Users who aren't selected within this box will not be able to view the report within Wiser. All Users will allow everyone with system access to view the report.

  • Email Notifications: Enter the email addresses of those you'd like to automatically receive this report in the first box. Then select how often to send the report and at what time (EST). note: the system default is to send to the report creator.

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