Create, View, and Share Custom Reports
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Wiser reports were designed to remove the black box of what is happening at retail by giving you more visibility of what is happening at the store level and saving you hours, if not weeks of time rolling up survey results and sharing them in a digestible format.

Report Settings

  • Report Title: Report Name

  • Filters: Determines which results get rolled up into the report. You can filter by HQ Account, Team, Territory, Store List, User, and Distributor.

  • View By: Determines how the report is broken down. Dependent on what Filter Type is selected. I.E. if you filter the report on HQ Account, you can choose to view the results by user, or by account.

  • Date Range: Determines the default date range of the report. Once the report is created this can be changed on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Shared with Report Creator and: Determines who can see the report in Wiser.

    • By default, the report will always be shared with all users. If you are creating a report and want to be the only one who can view it, select yourself under the "Shared with Report Creator and" drop-down.

  • Email Notifications: Determines who will automatically receive the report via email and at what cadence. Note: Times are all EST and are in Military Time.

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