Email Form Results From Mobile
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Store History Screen

**Note "Send a copy to yourself feature" is now "CC Me"

Emailing form results right within the app allows you to quickly communicate opportunities and execution gaps as you see them in the store.

  1. After you submit a form, the completed form result will appear on the store history page.

  2. Tap on the completed form and you'll see the share icon at the top right.

  3. You can type in an address manually or choose from saved contacts.

  4. Enter your desired subject and message you want to include in the email.

  5. A copy of the form results will be embedded in the body of the email along with all pertinent details such as Account name, address, date, and of course all the questions, answers, and pictures.

You can also send a copy to yourself, which is a great way to manage additional follow-ups as needed.

Activities Screen

Send multiple form results across multiple stores in a single email. Great for communicating a full day’s recap to managers or retail partners!

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