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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and associated articles when using the Wiser Mobile Application.

A. How do I know that all my submitted activity (forms, orders, etc.) has been synced? How do I fix when some of my activities are not showing up in Reports or Dashboards?

All activities submitted on Wiser Mobile get saved locally on your device regardless of internet connection. To make sure all activities get recorded permanently, follow the instructions to verify that all activities get synced.

B. Can I email form results and/or orders to my distributor, manager, or other retail partners?

Yes, Wiser provides an easy way to email form results and orders right from mobile.

C. How do I add, delete, or merge a duplicate store?

D. How can I view my recent activity in a particular store or across all stores?

When you tap into a store you can view a history of all recent activity at that store by tapping on History. You can also view recent activity across all stores on the Activities Screen.

E. Can we create a new form or make changes to the questions within an existing form?

Yes, Wiser makes creating and editing forms surprisingly easy. It does require Admin permissions and can be done through the Wiser Web Portal.

F. What is the best way to plan my day or week? Can I schedule future visits on my calendar?

Wiser's Rep Planning feature allows you to Flag Stores for the upcoming week. You can also schedule a future visit right into your calendar application.

G. What do I do if my current location isn't updating or GPS isn't working properly?

Wiser utilizes your device's location services to load stores nearest you. If you are having trouble finding stores near you, or your GPS location does not seem to be working properly then follow this troubleshooting article.

H. What do I do if the app is slow or unresponsive?

At Wiser, we are obsessive about maintaining optimal performance while also pushing the limits of the latest and greatest in technology. The Wiser App supports over 13,000 Android and iOS devices. However, there are numerous factors that can cause it to perform poorly. Including: device model, OS, signal strength, available RAM, and available internal storage.

Follow this troubleshooting article if you are experiencing crashing, freezing, or other performance issues.

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