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Our updated Plans screen brings a better view and manages scheduled store visits. Up top, you can filter to yourself or another team member as well as by status of complete or incomplete visits.

You can toggle between month, week, day, or list views on the right and move forward and backward on the left….with a quick button to jump to the current day.

In the middle, you can see the color-coding legend that indicates the total number of planned visits, of those planned, and which ones have been visited. And lastly, any visits that were made that had not been scheduled or planned.

You can also export into Excel all planned visits by clicking on Export at the top right.

Add a single store to your plan

To add a single store visit to your plan, click on “New”. This first dialogue box has you classify the visit, whether it is a store visit or an HQ Account Visit. A store visit is for when you are doing an in-store audit for example. An HQ Account visit might be when you are visiting with a buyer at the retail Headquarters for example.

Next, type in the name or location info of the store or HQ Account you plan to visit. Select the day and optionally, choose a specific time.

You can also schedule the visit to repeat. You have the option to set the repeat frequency, the cadence of either week or month and the specific day of the week. The helper text above will describe what the repeat is set for.

Lastly, select the user to assign the visit and click Save.

Bulk add multiple store visits to your plan

You can add multiple stores to a plan at once from both the Stores page and the Coverage Map page.

On the coverage map, use the filters up top as well as the zoom, in order to narrow down the list of stores you want to add to your plan. For example, you can zoom into the Phoenix area...and filter to stores that have not yet been visited in the last 30 days.

Next, you can use one of the selector tools to select the stores geographically. Take note that the list on the right panel updates based on what you zoom, filter, and select. You can also manually select or deselect the stores directly from the list.

Once you have the desired stores, click “Add to Plan” and follow the prompts accordingly similar to what we went over earlier.

Likewise, you can select and plan for multiple stores on the Stores Page. Use the column filters along the top to narrow the store list. For example, you can select all 7-Eleven Stores in San Diego. Click Select All Results and then click Actions -> Add To Plan

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