Viewing, sharing, and exporting form results
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The Form Results page allows you to view, email, and download form submissions.

Filter Form Results

Select the form you are wanting to view from the second dropdown at the top. The remaining dropdown options will allow you to filter by HQ Account, User, and Time Range.

Table View

The table view is the default view when you first click on Form Results from the menu. Scroll to the right to view all form details including the answers to each question. You can manage what columns are visible by clicking Toggle Columns and deselecting the columns you want to hide.

Click on the GPS icon to view a map overlay of where the form was submitted

Click on the image preview icon of any photo question to view a full page view of the photo and photo details

Full Page View

To view individual submissions in a full page view click on View Result.

You can view multiple submissions in a combined full page view by selecting the results and clicking View Results at the top of the page.

Email Results

Within the Full Page View you can email the results by clicking on Email at the top. You can enter one or multiple email addresses (one per line) as well as add additional text which will appear above the report in the email.


Export Results

You can download all results of a specific form as a CSV file (which can be opened in Excel) by clicking Download All in the top right corner.

If you want to download specific results simply select the results and click Download Results.

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