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The activity page on mobile gives users access to form results, activity map, and photo gallery... updated in real-time. The Form Results tab gives a list of every form submission and orders completed by the user. Tap on a form or order to view the details and email on the fly.
The map view displays a pin for every recent form submission on a map. Tap on a pin to view what was submitted, then tap on the submission title to view the details.
The photo gallery displays the most recent photos taken across all forms, all in one place. Tap for full-screen view, as well as the ability to email the photo.
Each tab within the activity page can be filtered by HQ Account, Date Range, Distributor, Territory, Photo Tags, and Channel. Additionally, those with admin access can view submissions across all users or filter down to a specific user. All this enables reps and managers to easily review activity for themselves and across their entire team.

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